Biker Mice from Mars

The Adventure Begins

We Dont Need No Stinkin City - Test of Frienship

The Pits - Hard Rock

Chill Zone - Road Ravens

The Masked Motorcyclist - A Scent, A Memory, A Far Distant Cheese

A Mouse and His Motorcycle - Steelfinger

Once upon a time on Mars


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Best Film & Video Cat # 201

The Adventure Begins

"Rock & Ride"

Throttle, Modo and Vinnie...The Biker Mice from Mars...escape their planet as it it devastated by the fish faced plutarkians. Crashlanding in Chicago, the renegade rodents soon discover the Plutarkians next target: EARTH. Led by his supreme chessiness, Lawrence Limburger, and his devilish cohorts, Greaspit and the fiendish Dr. Karbunkle, the Plutarkians are already undermining the Windy City. It's tail whippin' time 'cause the baddest motorcycle mammajammers in the universe are riding to the rescue.

Best Film & Video Cat # 204

We Dont Need No Stinkin City

His Supreme Cheesiness Lawrence Limburger enlists the truly stinky Loggie Brothers to battle our rodent heroes. It's tail whippin' time as the Biker Mice clean up the big city!

Test of Friendship

Evil Eye Weavil and the Pukes of Hazzard take aim with their hostility ray at our awesome threesome. Will they conquer the Biker Mice by dividing them, or will it be time for a Big Cheese sandwich?

Best Film & Video Cat # 205

The Pits

Throttle and Modo take a radical leap into the dreaded pits, a crater filled with the worst criminals and sleazoids on the planet. Talk about down in the dumps! But don't worry, Vinnie has plans for a freefall that will free all!

Hard Rock

When the big Cheese Limburger hires that reluctant heavy metal maniac, Hard Rock, to steal a trainload of gold and dispose of those pesky Biker Mice, he's in for a big surprise. Our renegade rodents have other plans - they can't wait to strip the strings from his guitar.

Best Film & Video Cat # 206

Chill Zone

It could be the coldest Christmas in memory if no one can stop Lawrence Limburger's evil plan to steal all the earth's water using his evil snow suckers. But the Biker Mice from Mars are ready to slice through the ice and send his cheessiness into a permanent deep freeze. Get ready to rock... and slide!

Road Ravens

Its' time to take the show on the road when the notorious Road Ravens are hired to steal the gas from every rig in Chicago and bring the city to a screaching halt. But the Biker Mice from Mars won't stand still. Throttle goes undercover to pluck these birds and the Mice crash the party -- head on!

Best Film & Video Cat # 207

The Masked Motorcyclist

His moldiness Lawrence Limburger springs Operation Mousetrap! Wild western bad guy, Corroder Cody, unleashes an oil spill that proves too sticky for the Biker Mice to handle...until an unexpected biker buddy rides to the rescue! Who is this mysterious stranger?

A Scent, A Memory, A Far Distant Cheese

Its' a huge problem when Limburger introduces his biggest and baddest villians, Gorgonzola and Monsterella. This deadly duo plans to pulverize the planet stomping on all they see with monster-sized paws! But the Biker Mice refuse to turn tail.

Best Film & Video Cat # 203

A Mouse and His Motorcycle

The evil Dr. Karbunkle and his overlubed assistant, Greasepit, Unleash their newest weapon of destruction... Toxic Goo. Spill it anywhere and the land is ruined. How will the Biker Mice get out of this sticky predicament?


It's meltdown time as his cheesiness Lawrence Limburger turns up the heat on Chicago's steel. Is it good-by to the metropolis or will the Biker Mice rev up and ride to the rescue?

First Independent Cat # VA 30623

Once upon a time on Mars

On Mars, in the days before the Biker Mice crash-landed their space craft in Chicago, the young Biker Mice are members of a ragtag band of heroic Freedom Fighters battling the Plutarkians. The Mice discover a Plutarkian plot to trasnport Mars through outer space to Plutark with the use of a planet-moving machine called the Tug Trasnformer. With the aid of their mentor, Stoker, the Mice lead the Freedom Fighters and the Martian Mouse Army in an all-out attack on the Plutarkians' stronghold guarding the Tug Transformer. In the nick of time, the Mice destroy the Tug Transformer and save the planet Mars.

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