Biker Mice from Mars

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"What Smells Worse Than a Plutarkian Lawyer?"

While foiling Limburger's plan to steal the uranium from a power plant, the Mice happen to fill Limburger Tower with sewage. The smell gives Limburger an idea and he imports a Plutarkian Lawyer named PROVELONE to throw the Mice a legal curve. Provelone does, and the Mice get their bikes impounded. They must legally get them back in time to stop Limburger's next attempt on the plant.

"So Life Like"

Written By Greg Blair

Story By Greg Johnson

Overseas Animation By SH Productions

Karbunkle latest invention, The Pattern Configuration Digitizer, can make fictional cartoon characters real. Limburger uses it to create Saddle Sore and Deathmaster to attack the Biker Mice. But the Biker Mice turn the cartoon tables on the villains. So Limburger uses some crude sketches of Greasepit's to createevil versions of the Mice themselves - badly drawn and vile-tempered. Will the Biker Mice be erased by badly drawn versions of themselves?

Special Guest Stars

Deathmaster/Saddle Sore - Jim Cummings

Old Lady - Susan Silo

"Vicious Cycles"

Written By Bruce Reid Schaefer

Overseas Animation By Mook Co. Ltd.

In a search for oil for Plutark, Limburger goes after a pool of oil under downtown Chicago. To keep the Biker Mice busy, Limburger calls in The Mechanic, A villain who can control machines, to turn the Biker Mice's bikes into their worst enemy. Will the Biker Mice survive an attack by their best friends ?

Special Guest Stars


"Modo Hangs It Up"

After foiling Limburger's plot to overrun Chicago with insects, the Mice have to deal with his new Heat Ray which will first broil the city, then blow it to smithereens. During a battle, Modo thinks he's accidentally wounded an innocent bystander - a small boy. He is so racked with guilt, he loses his ability to fight, and finally announces that he's quitting the Biker Mice rather than endanger his bros any further. But the entire incident was actually a Limburger hoax., and the bystander isn't so innocent. He's Limburger's 9-year-old bratty nephew, who's even worse than his uncle!

"Cycle Centaurs"

Written By Sean C. Derek

Overseas Animation By Philippine Animation Studio, Inc

Limburger is after water to create acid rain, and has created Slippery Cheese Water Slide Park to get it, built on top of the remains of Cheesey Land. With the help of the Cycletors, Limburger may just be able to reduce Chicago to a puddle. Can the Biker Mice best the Cycletors and stop Limburger?

"Below the Horizon"

Written By Greg Johnson

Overseas Animation By Philippine Animation Studio, Inc

When the Biker Mice try to scuttle Limburger's launch of an earth slicing satellite, Vinnie knocks a vital part off the Satellite and into the Arctic ice. The Mice end up in a race with Limburger to the North Pole to retrieve the missing piece, with everything going Limburger's way. Just to make sure it stays that way Limburger brings in Ice Breaker to freeze the Biker Mice in their tracks.

Special Guest Stars

Ice Breaker - David Warner

"Virtual Unreality"

Charley's cyberpunk friend, Asphalt Jack MacCyber, blows into town with his new invention: a Virtual Reality motorcycle helmet which creates super-realistic illusions. Limburger steals the helmet and alters the technology to create a Virtual Reality Ray, enveloping Chicago in illusions to cover up his mining activities. With Jack's help, the Biker Mice enter Cyberspace, battling viruses, cursors and finally an electronic version of Limburger, before they can destroy the ray. Meanwhile, Greasepit has been trying to improve himself with a vocabulary-building book, Talk Big.

"Garbage Wars"

Written By Bruce Shelly, Reed Shelly, Greg Johnson

Overseas Animation By Philippine Animation Studio, Inc

Greasepit and Karbunkle are destroying every garbage truck and Limburger has closed every landfill anywhere near Chicago. Limburger wants the city's uncollectedgarbage to pile up, when the summer heat make the garbage truly fragrant, the citizens will be forced to flee, leaving the city to Limburger. When the Biker Mice start a little garbage-collecting effort of their own, Limburger is forced to bring in some help, the Loogie Brothers, Plutark's most disgusting garbagemen, with a load of Plutarkian Louie Juice. The Mice must battle the garbage, the Loogies, and a huge trash compactor which tries to reduce them to the size of a sugar cube.

Special Guest Stars

Honka Loggie - Jess Harnell

Hacka Loggie - Neil Ross

Tara Diddle - Susan Silo

"Big Trouble"

Written By Greg Johnson

Overseas Animation By Philippine Animation Studio, Inc

Limburger is after sulfur, and lots of it. Karbunkles newest toy, the Particle Inflator, allows Limburger to buy time when Lord High Chairman Camembert arrives. It also allows Limburger to create a giant Greasepit to combat the Biker Mice. How are the Biker Mice going to Defeat a King Kong Greasepit ?

Special Guest Stars

Lord High Chairman Camembert - Jeff Bennett

"Biker Knights of The Round Table"

"Rocketh & Rideth"

Written By Jess Winfield

Overseas Animation By Philippine Animation Studio, Inc

Its Charleys birthday, but that doesn't stop Limburger. Karbunkle has come up with the Fictionalizer, a machine that allows Limburger to steal the land out of Shakespear's plays, with the side effect of erasing the play from existence. Can the Biker Mice Save Shakespear and bring the curtain down on Limburger?

Special Guest Stars

Actor - Stu Rosen

"High Rollin' Rodents"

Written By Robert McFadden

Story By Alan Gibson, Bruce Shelly, & Reed Shelly

Overseas Animation By Philippine Animation Studio, Inc

Limburger is out of cash, again. So he opens a Casino, the Cheese Nugget, where the games are fixed, and everyone loses big. Will the Biker Mice be able to shut Limburger down before he milks Chicago dry ?

Special Guest Stars

Chef Andy - Zachary Charles

"Diet of Worms"

Written By Jess Winfield

Overseas Animation By Philippine Animation Studio, Inc

Lord Camembert is leading an Invasion of the Earth, and is having a contest to decide which of the Plutarkian Earth bosses will become the Planetary Governor. The one who takes out the Biker Mice get the job. Can the Biker Mice save their tails and the world too?

Special Guest Stars

Lord High Chairman Camembert - Jeff Bennett

Gruyere - James Cummings

Gouda - James Cummings

Jack Monterey - Jeff Bennett

"Caveat Mentor"

"Academy of Hard Knocks"

Written By Greg Johnson

Overseas Animation By Philippine Animation Studio, Inc

Limburger is out to rid himself of his fish faced arch rival from Detroit - Napoleon Brie and the Doom Rangers. But the Biker Mice have taken the last of Limburgers Goons to the cleaners. So Limburger opens a Goon training school to build a new Goon army to wipe out Brie, can the Biker Mice be next ?

"Too Many Limburgers Spoil the Cheese"

Written By Cydne Clark & Steve Granat

Story By Martha Moran and Cydne Clark & Steve Granat

Overseas Animation By Philippine Animation Studio, Inc

Karbunkle creates a Duplicator Camera to give himself a raise. When Limburger finds out he puts the Camera to use duplicating himself so he can supervise his latest plan, Cheesack, a new music service that will rock the house down, literally. Will Limburger and his army of duplicates reduce the Biker Mice to scrap along with all of Chicago?


"Hit The Road Jack"

Written By Greg Blair & Glenn Leopold

Overseas Animation By Philippine Animation Studio, Inc

"Asphalt Jack" MacCyber & his new girl friend Angel Revson show up just in time to keep the Biker Mice & Charley from being totaled by Greasepit and his Slow Motion Gas. But Limburger isn't caught off guard, its all part of his plan to take over Detroit and get rid of his arch rivals Napoleon Brie & Romana Parmesana, or is it part of Brie's plan to get rid of Limburger. With things taking more twists than a Plutarkians tongue will the Biker Mice be able to survive this roller coaster ride of intrigue?

Special Guest Stars

Dune Ranger #1 - Jeff Bennett

Angel Revson - Jennie Garth

Napoleon Brie - Luke Perry

Jack MacCyber - Jason Priestly

Romana Parmesana - Tori Spelling

"Where No Mouse Has Gone Before"

Written By Jess Winfield

Overseas Animation By Philippine Animation Studio, Inc

It's election time on Plutark and time to lavish Lord High Chairman Camembert with presents of Land. Having already sent all his available real estate to Plutark, Limburger is reduced to sending his newest purchase, a motorcycle junkyard. Unbeknownst to Limburger with he orders Karbunkle to ship the junkyard to Plutark, the Biker Mice are exploring the junkyard for cycle parts. When the Plutarkian delegates find out the Limburger has trapped the Biker Mice he is elected Lord High Chairman. In an effort to maintain his position Limburger order the invasion of Earth. Can the Biker Mice escape Plutark , stop the invasion, and get themselves back to Earth?

Special Guest Stars

Lord High Chairman Camembert - Jeff Bennett

"Once upon a time on Mars"

Written By Greg Johnson, Glenn Leopold, & Jess Winfield

Story By Greg Johnson & Tom Tataranowicz

On Mars, in the days before the Biker Mice crash-landed their space craft in Chicago, the young Biker Mice are members of a ragtag band of heroic Freedom Fighters battling the Plutarkians. The Mice discover a Plutarkian plot to transport Mars through outer space to Plutark with the use of a planet-moving machine called the Tug Transformer. With the aid of their mentor, Stoker, the Mice lead the Freedom Fighters and the Martian Mouse Army in an all-out attack on the Plutarkians' stronghold guarding the Tug Transformer. In the nick of time, the Mice destroy the Tug Transformer and save the planet Mars.

Special Guest Stars

Lord High Chairman Camembert - Jeff Bennett

Dominic T. Stilton - Malcolm McDowell

Rimfire - Brian Austin-Green

Harley - Kath Soucie

Carbine - Leah Remini

Mace - Jeff Bennett

Stoker - Peter Strauss

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