Biker Mice from Mars


Fan Fiction Guide Lines

The following are some guide lines for Fan Fiction.

If you have questions about any of them please feel free to write me.

All submissions must be sent to me via EMAIL.

First send me a message from the Email page saying you want to send me Fan Fiction

You can send me the story in TXT, MSWord DOC, or Word Perfect, or just about anything. If I can't convert it I will contact you. If you don't have an email account (? have you tried Hotmail?) I will accept floppys (have a friend send me an email asking for the address).

If you don't have a word processor and send me the story by typing it into an email message
here are some helpful hints:

for words or sentences to show up in bold or italic (once posted) do the following:

for BOLD: <B>He jumped from the ship</B>

for ITALIC: <I>That's a hot bike</I> he thought.

The submission MUST come from the Author.

Sorry I won't post stuff hat you found on another site, too many copyright problems.

The Author MUST send with the submission (as part of the email or a cover letter) a statement that it is all right for me to post the document on the site and that you understand that once posted ANYONE can read it/download it/etc.


This is just to tell you that is is ok to post my fan fiction on the fan fiction page and that I understand that once you do anyone can download/read it/etc.

You will need to send me a title and short description of what the story is about.

I will use it for the description of the story on the fan fiction page.

Make sure your first page, or the first few lines, of the story include the title, the date you wrote the story, a copyright statement, and your name (real or handle). Something like:

My Story

By Me

July 7, 1997
Copyright 1997 Your Name Here, all rights reserved.

I won't post your email address with the submission.

AND I recommend that you DO NOT put your email address in the story. Email addresses change to often, and if someone want to talk to you about the story they can leave you a message on the message board at the web site. ALSO DO NOT PUT YOUR STREET or MAILING ADDRESS or PHONE NUMBER IN THE STORY OR IN ANY INFORMATION YOU SEND ME. I WILL NOT POST STORIES WITH THIS INFORMATION.

This is to protect you!

I am not going to play censor or editor.

Please keep the stories acceptable for the YOUNGER members.

If you go too far over the line I could get myself in trouble.
One of the
LIMITS is the "F" or "C" word, if you use it I can not post your story,
sorry it is just one of those stupid rules I have to make.
There are people in this world with small minds who freak out with they see the "F" or "C" word and I don't want the site to get blocked by one of the "rating" companies just because the "F" or "C" word appears in one of the stories.
ALSO for the same reason, tone down the cursing if you use it. If I complain you can bet someone else would scream. Figure that if you can read the story to your younger sibling (if you have one) and not have your parents wash your mouth out with soap you're doing OK (above exception noted).

Thanks I know these are stupid and petty rules but until things in this world change that's life.

Thanks - Ride Free and Safe Citizens.


Unofficial Biker Mice from Mars Fan Club © 1997


Last Updated: Saturday, 7/7/1997