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A little bit of magic

(Aka: Kidnapped for What?)

(By: Ylla July 14, 1997 16k)


(By: Ylla July 24, 1997 10k)

Enter Ylla

When Vinnie starts daydreaming, he goes back to his memories
of Mars, in more ways than one...

(By: Ylla Sept 2, 1997 4k)


(By: Ylla (Story & HTML) December 12, 1997 94k)

Cyrri Part II

What started out as a wacky dream and became my pastime on
cartrips now grew into a whole fic!
Charley and the BM take a little trip they don't know where...

(By: Ylla (Story & HTML) February 13, 1998 35k)

Part 1: Meggs

(By: Ylla Sept 11, 1997 18k)

Part 2: While I Was Sleeping

(By: Ylla July 28, 1997 51k)

Part 3: When you wake up, blind....

(By: Ylla October 16, 1997 51k)

Part 4: Coming Back

(By: Ylla February 6, 1998 51k)


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