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Daylight And Darkness
Part I: Friendship

(By: Tek October 4, 1997 10k)

Part II: Hasty Alliance

(By: Tek October 4, 1997 11k)

Part III: Escape

(By: Tek October 9, 1997 9k)

Part IV: The Rat Fights And Runs Away, Lives To Fight Another Day

In a freak sand storm Centerline and Stoker are captured only
to meet up with old friends, but who is Riche and why is his camp so feared

(By: Tek October 18, 1997 19k)

A Shadow At High Noon
Prologue: The Dark City

(By: Tek October 23, 1997 54k)

Part I: A Battle of No Consequence

(By: Tek November 11, 1997 54k)

Part II: A Familiar Stranger

(By: Tek December 31, 1997 54k)

Part III: Rush Hour

(By: Tek May 26, 1998 54k)

Part IV: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned

A plot across time a fiendish murder of soles, can the Biker Mice stop it.
With the help of a stranger, who knows more about them than she should.

(By: Tek September 23, 1998 68k)

Part V: Ye of Little Faith

(By: Tek February 8, 1999 68k)


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