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Introducing Amber

(By: HAS August 11,Sept 2,4,5,8, 1997 26k)


An evil Plutarkian plot, a mysterious theft, and Stalkers
on your tail! Who's the only team who take on all this and still be so cool
they're hot? The Bikermice of course!

(By: Saphire(former HAS) Sept 13,18,19 1997 30k)

Only In My Dreams?

Airik meets yet another family member, old friends, new friends,
and the Peace Keepers face a very dangerous problem.

(By: Saphire Oct 4, 1997 59k)

The Curse

When a prophcied curse is brought upon Chicago the Biker Mice
have to do something they never dreamed of, never dreamed was possible,
and endanger themselves, Charley, and Airik besides.

(By: Saphire Nov 5, 1997 27k)

Goodnight Darlin'

(By: Lania and Saphire Jan 30, 1998 5k)


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