Biker Mice from Mars

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 Charlene "Charley" Davidson

Owner/operator of the Last Chance Garage in Chicago. Charley is a friend to the Biker Mice and keeps their bikes in tip top shape.


The unofficial leader of the Biker Mice.

Height: 6 feet 2 inches

Weight: 200 lbs

As the clear-headed thinker of the group, Throttle makes an ideal leader. Calm and sure of himself, he's slow to push into a fight but ready for action whenever Limburger and his goons get out of line. He Keeps Vinnie out of trouble (most of the time) and Modo on track. Karbunkle's Bionic experiments left Throttle with a set of artificial eye's that don't work quite right, that's why he has to wear the shades.

Throttle has a Biker Mice From Mars Tattoo on his right arm.

Vincent "Vinnie" Van Wham

The dare devil of the group.

Height: 6 feet

Weight: 185 lbs

Vinnie may be hot-headed, but he's always loyal to his biker buddies. He has an eye for the ladies but has a special crush on Charley and Harley. When it's time for tough-guy action, Vinnie is ready for a fight. So what if hi's a little stuck on himself (a little?) - he knows he can lick Greasepit with one hand.

Vinnie wears a mask to hide scars from the Plutarkian battle on Mars.


A heart of gold.

Height: 6 feet 5 inches.

Weight: 240 lbs

Modo may not be the fastest thinker on the planet, but his heart is in the right place. He loves Baseball and Rock and Roll and listens to his favorite tunes by spun by Sweet Georgie Brown. An earlier encounter with Dr. Karbunkle left Modo with a Bionic arm and cost him an eye. In spite of this, he's a one-mouse army.


Harley was involved with Stoker before she found she had feelings for Vinnie.

Harley was kidnapped by Mace shortly after the Biker Mice destroyed the Plutarkian Tug Transformer on Mars.


The Leader of the Group of Martian Resistance fighters that the Biker Mice belonged too before they found themselves on Earth. Stoker is one smart mouse.

Stoker has a Bionic tail thanks to Karbunkle.


Carbine is a General in the Martian Army. She is also Throttles number one mouse. Quick thinking and strong willed, she makes a good commander.


Modo's nephew, Modo's Sisters Son.


A new character in the Biker Mice saga. Centerline is a mouse with a painful past. He is Harley's older brother and has been chasing Mace across Mars to rescue her. Who he is and how becomes clear in "Family". Centerline is almost seven feet tall, solidly muscled, and completely covered in soft pure white fur with a solid black stripe on the top of his head that gives him his name. He has a thin scar that runs across his back from his right shoulder to just above his waist on his left side. His eyes are mismatched, one is pink the other green. His wears a pair of black leather motorcycle pants and boots, and a matching jacket. He has only one ear ring, a stainless steel hoop with a small silver crescent moon hanging from it.


One bright mouse. Kickstart can figure out anything, given time. He's not a great rider or a great fighter, but when it comes to brains he has enough to spare. A big fan of thrash and stomp music, Kickstart is just on the fringe of being accepted by other mice. He is gray with one white ear and green eyes, something he gets kidded about ALL the time, but everyone knows they can count on Kickstart in the crunch. He is an average 6 foot 6 inches tall and had a medium build.


Spark is as big as Modo, solid black with a star burst of white fur on his head. Spark isn't the nicest of mice. He believes in winning regardless of the cost. He is totally loyal to Mars, and feels that the Biker Mice don't go far enough in the defense of Mars, while the Biker Mice feel Spark goes too far. Guess what, they don't get along. Spark has never been a team player, but he has given the Plutarkians a lot of black eye's in battle. Spark's only concern, besides Mar's freedom, is the safety of his co-rider, Stunts, a mouse who isn't playing with a full deck. Spark has always felt responsible for Stunts and defends him. Spark has a heart made of ice, and nerves to match. No one crosses Spark and lives to tell about it. Spark's bike is just as bad, with a shoot first and forget the questions attitude, his bike has a reputation worse that Sparks.


Stunts is dark Walnut brown. He is about 5 foot 9 inches tall, short for a Martian mouse, but it doesn't bother him. Stunts isn't playing with a full deck, both oars aren't in the water, a few sandwiches short of a picnic, get the picture? He is one of the best riders on Mars, maybe better that Vinnie, but can't hold it together long enough to prove it. He is a solid fighter and hates the Plutarkians, when he can remember who they are. Stunts looks up the the Biker Mice, he sees them as Heroes, and he sees Spark as his big brother. Stunts bike is pure power, tweaked way beyond the limit, it's squirrellier that Stunts, both wheels are definitely not on the ground here. As a pair the two are unstoppable, if they can remember why they're there.


A Rat working for the Plutarkians, he was spying on the Freedom Fighters disguised as a Mouse. He is responsible for kidnapping Harley.


An evil mad scientist working for Stilton when he was on Mars, now Karbunkle works for Limburger in Chicago.

Lawrence Lactavious Limburger

The Head Cheese in Chicago. A Plutarkian who doesn't follow the pack. Limburger often finds himself wondering how Plutark had come as far as it has. Fascinated with Chicago Gangster period, Limburger fancies himself a "Mob" boss with gills.


First worked for Limburger on Mars, when Limburger was second fiddle to Stilton. Greasepit has become Limburger's head goon. Greasepit's main claim to fame is being the slipperiest character in Chicago. No rocket scientist, Greasepit is definitely challenged by his work.

Lord High Chairman Camembert

The head Plutarkian. Limburger's boss.

Fred the Mutant

aka Fiendish Frederick

One of Karbunkle's creations. Fred isn't really good or bad. Fred just likes pain. and his lust for more sometimes causes Limburger problems.

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